PAWS Performance “Pirates of Faraway Bay at the Victoria Playhouse, Petrolia

The pirates from Faraway Bay are on the hunt for great treasure, aboard their ship, the Miss Fortune. They happen upon an island called Patmos with one occupant, John, the disciple of Jesus, who is exiled there. He tells the pirates of his vision from an angel of God about the Glassy Sea and the great treasure that can be found there. John gives them a treasure map with several stops along the way, each one having to be visited in succession. The pirates will soon discover that at each stop, they are not finding jewels or gold, but treasures of great worth that cannot be destroyed, heavenly treasures, that can be experienced on this earth in God’s Kingdom.

The band of pirates is taken on a journey of Bible adventures, visiting places like Mrs. Noah’s floating zoo, Father Abraham’s home, King Solomon’s palace, Peter the disciple’s fishing boat, and finally the stormy island where Paul was shipwrecked. In the end, after a series of seemingly useless “treasures” which are actually clues toward the heavenly treasure, finding Jesus and following him, the disciples reach their final destination and have learned that “where your treasure is, your heart is also”, and that if we “seek first the kingdom of God”, He will meet our spiritual needs and physical needs. We may not be rich in earthly treasure, but in treasure from God’s kingdom.

Pirates of Faraway Bay


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